Wednesday 25 November 2015

Salcura Skincare // Review

It's no secret that I suffer from eczema, and you're probably sick of hearing it by now but I'm really passionate about skincare and will take any opportunity to rave about exciting new products and what works for me. Recently, I've been trialling Salcura's Bioskin two step range and I've been dying to tell y'all how I got on with it!

There are two steps (duh) and the first step comes in the shape of either a spray or a serum - I've been using the DermaSpray* which is so different to anything I've tried before. I was so intrigued when I first got my hands on it, and spray it onto a patch of eczema on my arm. It's totally liquid, a fine-ish mist that you rub into your skin. This seemed incredible to me, and so obvious when you think that eczema often rears it's ugly head in the form of dry skin. Moisture is the best thing for it, really.

salcura bioskin dermaspray

You follow up with step 2, which is Zeoderm* - a very thick moisturising cream that seems to take forever to sink in (I wouldn't recommend it for your face in the morning) but really, well, works. It's the sort of thing that lingers on your skin in the way that an emollient would, but it made my skin feel instantly soothed.

When I went to reapply the spray and moisturiser at bed time, all of the redness was gone - the skin was still dry, although noticeably less so, but it didn't look red and angry and horrible. It hadn't been as itchy through the day, either, and so Salcura gets a massive thumbs up from me.

Downsides? It smells a bit weird, and like I said it does take a while to sink in but I can live with both of those things because it genuinely works. The spray is so unlike anything I've ever seen before, and I love it. They also do a kids range, and products to combat acne, and suncream. Everything is pure and natural, which I think is fab, and they're a vegan/cruelty free brand too.

salcura skincare for eczema

The spray is £17 and the moisturiser is a tenner - well worth it, and you can pick it up in Boots and such places! I'll be running a competition over on Twitter (@katygilroyblog) to win a #WinterSkin therapy pack, so keep your eyes peeled over there...

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  1. I love this range, so nice! I used to have their antiac range for acne and it was my favourite spot treatment because it wasn't harsh on my skin :)
    Shannon ||