Wednesday 21 October 2015

Firebox // Review

Every Christmas (there I go, mentioning the C word again) my brother gets us all a random gift from a place called Firebox - and when their PR contact messaged me asking if they could send me some goodies, of course I said yes. It arrived when I was having a crap day, and my brother demanded I open it straight away. I'm glad I did because it really cheered me up - so thanks, guys!

emoji cushion

This is a bit of random haul sort of post; they didn't ask me to review any of the products, but I thought I'd show you a lil' selection of the things they stock on their website which is, by the way, just an absolute treasure trove of things.

On top of the box was this emoji cushion - a smiley face which is bound to cheer me up on bad days. My uni room has a little sofa in it, so I've already packed the cushion ready to take with me when I officially move in, which I will have by the time you read this so you know. Pretty redundant, me telling you that. Anyway. It's sooooo soft, and I've wanted one of these for ages. 

Next up I saw the pizza box and my brother went "is that a marshmallow pizza?" - he clearly spends too much time on the site, because he was absolutely right. I'm yet to try it, but it feels squidgy and it looks hilarious. If you saw the #NWmeet photos, you'll know we had BLK Water at the event: it's literally just water, but it's black, how hipster can you get? So cool, and I'm thrilled to have another bottle to sip away at.

Possibly the most random thing in the box was the hyperLip - designed by French designer Sascha Nordmeyer, it's meant to "reshuffle your smirk" and be the ultimate conversation starter, although I don't know how because you presumably can't talk when it's in your gob. It doesn't fit in mine, but as you can see my dad had a blast with it...

The Grip Strip looks like something that will come in really handy, especially when I eventually get a car - you can stick anything to it, and you don't need any glue or tabs or anything to stick the actual strip to your chosen surface. Clever that. Coming in close second for most random thing was the fish-shaped water bottle - it's certainly gonna be a talking point in my seminars, and I think it's proper cute. Perfect for festivals too because it has a strap!

Last but not least, my absolute favourite: a bottle of Unicorn Tears. It's gin with little flecks of silver in it - how cute can you get? Sam and I went gin tasting a while back and I'm pretty much a convert, if you give me it with anything Elderflower flavoured...

Have you ever bought anything from Firebox? It's full of so many weird and wonderful things, there's something for everyone. I know it's only October but if you've started your Christmas shopping like I have, it's well worth a look!

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  1. What a cool and crazy random box I love it haha!! Xx