Sunday 27 September 2015

My Reading Habits // Tag

It's been ages since I did a good ol' tag post, and the lovely Amanda tagged me in this - it's right up my street because I'm such a book worm. Here we go...

Do you have a certain place at home for reading? Not reaaaalllly, but I like to read in the bath or snuggled up on the couch. I struggle to read in bed as I can't get comfy - and you need to be comfy when you're reading, I reckon. One day I'm going to have a house with a basement that I'll turn into a library with big squidgey reading chairs.

the rosie project

Bookmark or random piece of paper? For someone who owns so many bookmarks, they don't get much use - I'm a corner-folder, which is a cardinal sin, I know. If I'm being good I'll shove a train ticket or old receipt in there but sometimes you just don't have one to hand...

Do you eat or drink while reading? I often intend to, but I get so into a book that I end up forgetting about whatever food or beverage I've got next to me. Doh.

Music or TV while reading? I cannot concentrate on the TV while I'm reading, but I'd have music on at all times if I could so I normally do listen to music at the same time. Silence bothers me, and I don't find music a distraction!

Reading at home or everywhere? Anywhere and everywhere; I like to read on public transport if I'm on my own, because I hate buses and trains, and I'll read if I'm waiting for an appointment or waiting for a lecture to start on the odd occasion that I turn up early...

ariel mug

Reading out loud or in your head? In my head definitely, unless there's a particularly hilarious bit in which case I immediately share it with whoever is in the vicinity.

Do you read ahead or even {*shudders*} skip pages? Never ever ever; I literally cover up the bottom of a page if I can feel that something exciting might happen soon. I love suspense!

Breaking the spine or keeping it like new? Unless it's something really special, I do tend to bend the spine. I think books look even more fab when you can tell they've been loved. My copy of The Secret Life Of Bees has been read to death and it's falling apart but it's my treasured possession!

reading in the garden

Do you write in your books? Nope, unless it's for uni in which case I love making copious notes on the pages. Some people will hate me for that, though!

Book lovers, I hope you enjoyed! Thanks again to Amanda for tagging me, and I urge all you fellow book bloggers to give this a go...


  1. Great tag! I agree with you - the bath or the couch are the best places to read, although I can read in bed too. I'm a corner-folder too, but that adds to the whole "loved" feel of the book!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

  2. Haha great tag =]

  3. Have you ever dropped your book in the bath though? - nightmare!!