Sunday 2 August 2015

Touch of Silver intense keratin shots // Review

You may know or you may not, but I'm a VIB - that's very important blonde, one of Pro:Voke Touch of Silver's tribe! I've been a huge fan of the Touch of Silver shampoo for a few years, because I bleach my hair and it always turns out orangey-yellow; the shampoo is the only thing that gets rid of those pesky brassy tones. When they contacted me asking if I wanted to join their tribe, I didn't hesitate to say a big fat YES!

They sent me a big box of goodies, which included their brand new intense keratin shots; I bleached my hair last week in prep for an upcoming wedding, so it's been in a bit of a state lately. I reached straight for their keratin shots in order to get it back to it's healthy self, and boy was I impressed.

They're little glass bottles with rubber stoppers, and although they're a bugger to open they're soooo worth it. As my hair is pretty long I used two, mixed with hot water, and slapped the stuff onto the lengths of my locks which I had just shampooed and towel-dried. I left it in for a few minutes while I was in the bath shaving my legs and such, then rinsed it off. It was still a tatty mess, as always, and my mama had to brush it for me because I'm not strong enough but after that it was a delight.

I know this is a selfie
but I lost my product
photos - agh

It smells similar to hair dye, which I reckon is pretty gross, but if you can stand the smell it's definitely worth a try. I believe they're supposed to make your hair straighter, but mine is super frizzy so I don't know about that. They retail for £6.99 (that's for 3 little bottles, which is perfect for three uses if you've got normal length hair) and you can get them in Boots and such like.

Do you have any super duper hair recommendations? Let me know!

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