Monday 24 August 2015

My favourite youtubers!

With more and more of my blogger pals branching out into YouTube too, I decided now would be a fab time to share 10 of my favourite ever YouTubers with y'all. I will also pop links at the bottom to any of my friends' YouTube channels because it's super important to share the luuuurve.

Kassia Poh // I've watched Kassia for agesssss - she has such a soothing voice and her style is always on point; no matter what she wears I'm like damn girl. She does fashion, beauty, homeware etc etc and she's just a babe.

Jackie Aina // I found Jackie's channel through The Hirons, and I'm so glad I did because her make up skills are just SOMETHING ELSE. And she's so sassy. Winner winner.

Boxes of Foxes // This is Emma Blackery's make up/beauty channel and she's currently doing a load of high street foundation reviews which I love. She's got such a dry sense of humour and although she's a bit of a 'problematic fave', as it were, I still like her a lot.

MammafulZo // I've watched Mamma since her first ever videos, back in the day when she was standing in for Cole - I'm soooo glad she decided to carry on with her own channel because I've made a firm friend and I always look forward to her vids. Love you mamma!

Sarocha B // This gaaaal. She's younger than me which is frustrating because she's sO COOL. And those funky little graphics she makes in her videos. Amazing.

With The Donohos // If you love Disney and you don't watch their videos then boy are you missing out. Literally so much Disney; everything is Disney they live and work there and I just love it. Plus they're damn funny.

disney mystery pins unboxing

Katy and Eilis // These two girls were partly the inspo behind Sam and I creating our own YouTube channel; I think I watched all their videos in a night when I first found their channel because I related to them so much. Funny as heck and so cute.

Miss Milly May // This chica has the nicest accent ever, and she's funny to boot. She definitely deserves more subscribers so go hit her up!

vlogbrothers // John and Hank, Hank and John. I honestly think they're the two cleverest, most creative, most passionate people around and their videos - no matter the topic - never fail to teach me something. It makes me feel vaguely less guilty for spending so many hours glued to my laptop.

Grav3yardgirl // I didn't start watching Bunny 'til Sam recommended her to me - I was put off by her thumbnails, I can't lie, but honestly she's hilarious and just so down to earth and cool.

With the exception of some, I've tried to include youtubers who don't have a bazillion subs. Listed below are the ppl I know from like, Twitter n stuff, who also have youtube channels. Be sure to check them all out, yah?

You can also watch meeeee on YouTube being cute, funny and sassy with my girlfriend - here is the link: we're heading towards 250 subs and I'd love it if you were one of them!!!!
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  1. I love ' boxes of foxes' Emma is so funny and relatable. If I need an honest review of something, I go to her :) x

  2. The only one I watch on this list is Boxes of Foxes - I love Emma Blackery! I need to start watching Vlogbrothers!