Tuesday 18 August 2015


If you've never been to The Botanist (there's one in Chester, Alderley Edge, Leeds, Birmingham, Newcastle and Manchester) then you're missing out. I've been to the Chester branch multiple times, because the food is so good it often whispers my name in the dead of night - and the service is delightful too. Oh, and not to mention the cocktails.

Last week, my beautiful girlfriend and I were invited to celebrate the Chester restaurant's first birthday - an exclusive guestlist, ready for a night of cocktails and canapees and giant garden games. We arrived early, which is unheard of for us, and in true blogger style took plenty of photos while we waited for the night to get into full swing. When it did, we were presented with a glass of Prosecco and a little big with tokens and instructions inside. It was all strange and exciting and new.

Outside was giant Jenga, connect-4, hook a duck (which I was rubbish at) and hoopla; but the star of the show was the cake decorating station, with the opportunity to win a meal for two. Sam was amazing, and I was so bad that  to save my dignity I've not included a photo. We had a ball doing it though, and that's the main thing!

Tokens were exchanged for drinks: The Botanist cocktail, which was honestly gorgeous, and a glass of Pimms - not so nice but I drank them anyway... There were shots too, and canapees that included chipolatas, tiny burgers and fried onions. Delish. We rubbed shoulders with PR types and even had a bit of a boogie.

Thanks to all at the Botanist for such a lovely night - if you want to see better photos, Sam will have some up on her blog too! Let me know if you do visit the Botanist, you won't regret it.

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  1. I saw your vlog of the Botanist party and it looked amazing and so fun, your outfit looks nice too :) xx