Monday 27 July 2015

Gin Tasting w/ Liquor & Allsorts

For my birthday, my brother kindly booked Sam and I an afternoon gin tasting experience in Liverpool. Neither of us are seasoned gin drinkers so we didn't quite know what to expect, but we ended up having a lovely afternoon!

It was at Frederiks on Hope Street (near the Anglican cathedral, if you're familiar with the Liverpool area) which is a gorgeous cocktail bar that isn't too expensive, and the staff all seemed really lovely. I'm definitely popping back there for a drink or two, and I'm pretty sure they do food too. Our gin class teacher man, Phil, ushered us into the back room which was fairly dark, but atmospheric with candles here and there. We chose a table with 3 other couples, and we were the youngest by about 20 years but it was all fun and games.

We started off with a concoction of gin, some sort of elderflower cordial, lemon juice, apple juice and star anise - it wasn't great, but it did the job to wash down the four "shots" of straight gin. You're not meant to shot it, although I did: Phil told us to swill it round the glass, snifffffffff and then sip it. Some we were to swill around our mouths too, and some we weren't - honestly, it's a complex process. We learnt about the origins of gin too, which was super interesting.

About half way through our gin tasting experience it was time for afternoon tea: bacon and cheese batches, macaroons, scones and a further array of tiny cakes oozing with cream. After that it was DIY gin and tonics; Phil urged us to stay away from the traditional 'lime or lemon', and presented us with all sorts of garnishes. I went for a mixture of mint, orange and lime with Gordon's gin on ice, topped up with tonic - for someone who isn't a gin drinker, I enjoyed it a lottttt.

The afternoon was finished with a made up appletini kind of drink: apple juice, melon liqueur and yet more gin. Honestly it just tasted like Apple Sourz.

If you like the sound of a gin tasting experience, ours was booked through Liquor & Allsorts - a big thank you to Phil for being lovely, my brother for organising it and Sam for accompanying me!

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  1. It sounds as though you had a lovely time, the Appletini sounds delicious too! :) xx