Wednesday 10 June 2015

Spanish shopping // a haul

Another haul post?! I can see the shock and minor excitement on your gorgeous little face already. Well I'm in Spain with the beautiful Sam who is, to say the least, a bad influence when it comes to shopping. But I have a job now and I had some holiday spends to get through, so we took a trip to Kiko about two hours after I stepped off the plane. We've also been to the Spanish equivalent of Boots, which I was outrageously excited about.

Starting with Kiko, we saw that the Clics palette cases were on sale; I picked up one with 4 little slots, and so of course I got 4 new eyeshadows to go inside. The shades aren't named, but they do have numbers on. They're all gorgeous and soooo pigmented, an absolute steal considering the empty case was €2.50 and each eyeshadow was €2.40 - a whole palette for €12.40 ain't bad going. I really struggled to get a decent photo, so naturally I gave up. The shades I went for were all shimmery and pretty much neutral, though.

I told myself I couldn't buy just a palette, and I was so intrigued by the lipgloss pencils that I ended up buying two, in the shades 12 and 16. One is a matte Kylie Jenner-esque nudey shade and one is a glittery barbie pink. They're pigmented but really buildable, and they don't seem sticky which is always a bonus especially with long hair. These were a whole €3.90 each.

Clarel, the Boots type shop, has a whole range called Bonte, which does have an accent only I don't know how to get that on a MacBook. It's super cheap and the packaging is beautifuuuullll. They do a normal range and a sensitive range, and I picked up loads of stuff from the normal range. First in my basket was a fresh watermelon hand cream for €1.99 - Sam has the banana scented one, and you can never have too many hand creams so for ... I couldn't say no!

Lavender is my favourite scent in the world, so the lavender relax bath bombs (€1.75were a natural purchase for me; I've not managed to sniff one yet but I'll be chucking a few in the water with me when I get back to dreary old England. Last but not least in the obnoxious green bottle is the hydra feeling body milk, which is very softly scented and sinks in to the skin quicker than you can blink; it was around €1.90 and I'm so glad I picked it up.

I went for the ultra-hydra serum, because if you know me you'll know I have dry skin and it was less than €5 so I thought it was well worth a try! The cleansing gel, which was around the €4 mark, jumped out at me next, because I'm always looking for things to get my make up off with that aren't ridiculously expensive; it smells gorgeous and I can't wait to try it when I'm home. I picked up the wellness masks because they were two for a euro and they're in the same gorgeous blue floral packaging, and I'm a sucker for matching skincare.

No doubt there'll be more shopping done before the end of the holiday, but here's what I've picked up so far. Anything you like the look of? Ps, this is the nicest photo background you'll ever see on my blog.

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  1. I LOVE looking at beauty from other countries. Did you really say lip gloss pencils?! I'd love to try Kiko but there isn't one local to me. Enjoy your holiday ladies!

    Xo Lottie