Thursday 4 June 2015

Last minute holiday accessories haul

I never ever do haul posts because I suck at taking decent photos of things, but the sun is cracking the flags today so I thought I'd try and get some snaps of the little bits I picked up ready to jet off to Spain on Sunday!

Bug eye sunglasses don't suit me at aaaallll but who cares, I don't want my eyes to burn and I can just pretend they look good. They're tortoiseshell print on the frames too, ooh la la. These were literally £1.50 so even if they just last the week I'll be pleased as punch. I got two packs of 9 pairs of earrings, setting me back a cool £2 for each pack. Oh Primark and your jewellery bargains. I got a gold-ish set and a silver set; they're all quite similar and they're all the sort of earrings I wear.

I got myself a dainty little anklet, which is a gold sort of tone and has three chains around it; I've never found an anklet that isn't massively annoying, but we'll see how this goes! It was also £1.50 and I can't wait to wear it with my jelly sandals and an outrageously printed outfit. Last but not least I bought some summery bobbles; this kind of bobble is soooo comfy - they're very similar to Popbands which are just fab, so at £1.50 for 6 I couldn't leave them there. The patterns are adorbs.

There's my teeny weeny holiday accessory haul; I also got a pale pink passport case to use when I'm travelling. I'm sooooOOO excited. Are you going anywhere nice this year?


  1. Loving the earrings, such a bargain!

  2. Bloody hell, that's good going! That anklet is very cute!

    Sarah x