Saturday 11 April 2015

Things Pinterest lies about...

As bloggers, we all seem to be after that perfect-Pinterest lifestyle: we spend hours pinning things to our home decor boards, and lusting after copper bowls, framed typography and knitted cushions. But really, how much fun is creating a Pinterest house?

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1 - White walls are always clean // Everyone on Pinterest seems to have perfectly clean white walls (and white everything, really) but nobody ever mentions that if you have a toddler those walls will soon become an easel, and even if you don't have a toddler (which I don't, as it happens) white walls don't ever stay white for long.

2 - Terrariums are a lovely project // The beautiful Sam and I recently made a terrarium for her new bedroom: we spent weeks trying to find the perfect plants, and almost forgot that we would need soil, charcoal and stones. There is nothing fun about filling your terrarium, especially when you're using spiky Ikea cacti. Don't be fooled.

3 - Bunting is a necessity // I am Hello Kitty obsessed, and when I spotted some Hello Kitty bunting I knew I had to have it. When I eventually got around to putting it up I nearly broke my neck, and a few days later it fell down and almost strangled me in my sleep.

4 - Studying outside is super fun // When the weather starts to get sunny, it can be tempting to make yourself a smoothie and relocate to the garden, especially if you're on exam leave. However, no matter how sunny it is and how little wind there might be, your notes will be over next door's wall in no time. Or the dog will piss on them.

5 - Crafts with kids are a great way to spend your time // There are some truly wonderful and unique crafts on Pinterest, but believe me when I say that 99% of them are not something that the average child would be able to do without a tantrum (and not necessarily from the child themselves...)

Pinterest is fun, but always remember people are showing you what they want to show you. Nobody's home or life is perfect, so seriously who cares if your room is a mess and you'd rather watch Frozen for the 29th time than make wooden spoon puppets?


  1. Haha. I'd add great light to this list. Every interior photo seems to be filled with amazing natural light, whereas my flat, despite having a full height window in the lounge is unbelievably dark.

  2. This is brilliant! xx

  3. Oh poor you, who knew that Hello Kitty could be so violent!! xx

  4. Don't forget a book full of ants! Doing any kind of reading outside is not all that it's cracked up to be. I love this list


  5. I feel the white wall pain - when we moved into our flat some of the rooms were already painted white, and while it looks lovely, there are already a few mysterious stains and chips which will need repainted.

    Also, what is it with bedrooms on Pinterest having next to no material possessions?! I don't believe that so many people have a bed, a bed side table and a rail with a few select very stylish outfits - I have a sneaky suspicious that out of shot there is an enormous pile of DVDs, old clothes which they just can't bear to throw out and miscellaneous knick-knacks!


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  7. I love this post! I'd love to have a home with Pinterest worthy interior decoration but in reality, I'm damn pleased with myself if I just manage to hoover once in a while and remember to feed the pets... ;) Try having guinea pigs in your living room and doing yoga among hay strands! :D

    Life isn't perfect but it is nice to see beautiful photos of perfect homes. Just as long as we keep in mind that we don't necessarily also have to achieve such heights of perfection! :D

    Michelle -x-
    Sugardust and Starlight