Sunday 1 March 2015

Judy's Vintage Fair - Chester

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to Judy's Vintage Fair, which was in my home town of Chester that weekend. The fair was held in the Town Hall, which I'd actually never been into before - it's a gorgeous building, opposite the cathedral, and it was full of people milling around. I took my mum with me, and we had such a lovely afternoon.

Judy's Vintage Fair is a travelling fair: founded in London 10 years ago by Judy Berger, the idea is to bring vintage sellers together in one place to source affordable vintage items for fashion and homeware lovers who are after something a little bit unique.

The setting was perfect for a vintage fair  - Chester town hall is a grade II listed building from 1869, so it couldn't have been a better place for a sea of vintage clothes. There was 50s and 60s music playing in the background, and people milling around who looked like they had been plucked from different time periods and set down in Chester.

vintage mannequin

vintage baby clothes

I absolutely love vintage clothes - there's a story behind everything, and to be able to find unique pieces to jazz up a simple outfit is amazing. Nothing at Judy's was overpriced - I find a lot of vintage shops to be really expensive (like I'm not gonna pay £50 for a t shirt, but thanks anyway) - but everything here was a price I would definitely have been willing to pay. There was the most gorgeous denim dress with a pineapple print for £15, and had it been in my size I would have snapped it up immediately!

vintage Chanel bomber jacket ... gimme

vintage magazine & bracelet

I saw a woman trying on a wedding dress, and it sent my imagination into overdrive: who wore that dress the first time round, and did the marriage last? Are they still alive? Who designed it? Did the bride have any children? It's amazing, the thoughts a simple dress can provoke!

The lighting was a bit off so I didn't manage to get as many good photos as I wish I had, but next time the fair comes to Chester I'll definitely be there! Check out the website here for everything you might need to know about Judy's Vintage Fair.


  1. This looks like so much fun! xoxo

    Gillie Jayne

    1. It was so fab! Would definitely recommend going if it comes near you :) xxx

  2. Those vintage magazines look so cute! x

    Jadie |

    1. Aw I know! Could just imagine my gran reading them haha x