Wednesday 4 February 2015

eBay wishlist // February

It's been ages since I've put together a post about the things in my eBay basket, so here we go...

1. Blue tattoo choker, £1.89 + free p&p // I love chokers and I'm so glad they're back in fashion; I have a black one which I wear all the time, so I think a blue one would be a nice way to switch things up a bit. CLICK HERE

2. Black zipped chunky boots, £9.99 + £2.99 p&p // I am obsessed with boots that have a chunky heel. I think they're an effortless way to dress up an outfit, plus they make me look taller than I am which is always a bonus. I have a grey pair and a cut-out white pair, but I'm yet to add a black pair to my collection! For less than £13 can you really go wrong? CLICK HERE

3. Grey co-ord, £18.99 + £3.95 p&p // This one is very Kim K inspired, and I'm a huge fan of co-ords, plus I really like this colour. It's my brother's birthday soon, so I might make a lil purchase. CLICK HERE

4. Slogan jumper, £14.99 + £3 p&p // Everyone knows the importance of eyebrows these days, and I live in oversized jumpers when I'm at uni so this is right up my street! CLICK HERE

I'm supposed to be saving, as I'm off to Berlin this month, but I can't help lusting after all these things... AGH.


  1. :O THOSE BOOTS!!!!! *swoon* i'm trying SUPER hard to save my $$$ but i keep finding cute things too!! esp. on ebay!! darn ebay and their amazing prices!!!! ;)

    1. So cute aren't they! I would throw out all my shoes and just live in chunky boots if I could, they make me feel so sassy! Ahhh I'm an eBay addict it's terrible haha

  2. I love them chunky boots and that's such a great price!! Xx

  3. Haha, I love the slogan jumper!! That is right up my street too as it also looks so comfy!

    Rachel | x