Thursday 29 January 2015

The 10 worst people you meet at uni...

Photo from my first year at uni

I love this sort of 'article' and being a student is obviously a big part of my life so I thought it was about time I started to reflect that in my blog! This post is just my personal opinion, and I've been lucky to meet so many AMAZING people at university - but of course, there's some idiots too.

The One Who Does Everything ... There are certain people at university who just do too much: joining 3 different societies, volunteering, being part of 7 campaigns, holding down a job AND doing multiple drafts of every assignment. Obviously, uni isn't just about one thing, but when you don't leave yourself enough time to sleep, something's gotta give, right?

The One Who Doesn't Do The Dishes ... I have been guilty of this in the past, but since moving in with 3 boys I've learnt the true meaning of gross - spag bol left on the side for nearly a week, dishes shoved in cupboards to avoid having to wash them before the landlord comes round. It's not that hard to scrub a few plates, seriously.

The Very Public Couples ... Let me just say I have no problem with people being in love and not being afraid to show it. But if you're smooching in the quiet section of the library when my single ass has been there for 7 hours trying to finish an assignment, it is literally SO frustrating. Same with couples (or even strangers) who get a little too friendly in the dark corners of nightclubs. You're just being naughty.

The One Who Doesn't Try ... One of my best friends is exactly like this. She just wings her way through everything and comes out with good results regardless of how much or how little she's studied. WHY?! Her last minute essays are usually better than the ones I've spent weeks on.

The Way Too Posh One ... I don't particularly have a problem with 'posh people', but I hate it when people are constantly bragging about their 3 MacBooks and how many designer bags they own, name-dropping celebrities and constantly feeding you stories about when they were travelling during their "gap yaaaaah". Oh and when their butler's birthday is.

The Always-Hungover One ... Nights out are wonderful, but surely, like everything, should be enjoyed in moderation? I don't understand how people find the time, energy, and money to go out 4-5 nights a week, rolling home 2 hours before their 9am lecture and waking everyone up.

The One Who'll Never Grow Up ... You know, the people who beg to copy your notes or even copy (in a non-plagiarism kinda way, of course) your actual assignment. The people who can't budget to save their life and are always asking to borrow money off somebody, but still always seem to have a new pair of trainers. The ones who live of pot noodles and cold tins of baked beans. Ugh.

The Exceptionally Talented One ... A little bit like the one who doesn't try, but in every aspect: they can play six instruments, can do their make up as well as a pro MUA, can draw like a famous artist ... The list just goes on. Ahhhh, inadequacy.

The Really Dull People … You know when you're sat in a seminar and the tutor is trying to engage people in a discussion or a healthy debate, and there's one person who just sits there playing Candy Crush on their phone and doesn't even attempt to add anything to the discussion? I hate that. Why are you spending £9000 a year to sit there being boring?

The Very Loud and Open One … It's 9am and the weekly test of the fire alarm has just occurred so everyone has a headache, and this lecture is so boring, and I can promise you that nobody wants to hear about the boy you slept with last night and nobody wants to know about the curious rash on your back. Keep it to a whisper, yeah?

There's definitely a lot of annoying people at uni, but this is just a light hearted list that is in no way meant to be offensive to anyone. Have y'all met anyone like this?


  1. I can definitely relate to a couple of these! What a nice read as well, something completely different! :)

    Yasmina xxx

    1. Haha I'm sure everyone has met a few! Thanks lovely :D xxx

  2. LOVED this and god its all so true aha, i too have a friend who doesn't try and seems to get really good grades, really is frustrating! x

    1. Haha I'm glad you liked it! Soooo annoying isn't it, damn them and their good luck haha x

  3. I didn't go to Uni (meeting probably 9 of the 10 put me off when I visited my brother at Uni) and to be honest I don't think I missed out. Just the thought of having to listen to someone talk about their amazing gap year to experience the real Asia make my blood pressure rise lol. love the post, it made me laugh. Stephen :o)

  4. Oh, number 2 - the one who doesn't do the dishes. The absolute worst, I reckon. Ha. I put up with the rest rather well, I think. But that person is just so annoying.

    Christina x
    Christina Campbell Hughes

  5. Haha love this! I can definitely fit my masters group down into similar categories