Wednesday 10 December 2014

DAILY DECEMBER #10 // my favourite Instagrammers

I know Instagrammers isn't a word ... But I wanted to put a little post together to share which Instagram accounts I've been loving lately! I think it's so important to share the love for other people and their talent. There's a range of different types of accounts, so I hope you find someone that inspires you.

HARRITRAVELS // Harriet is a travel blogger who has been to EVERY continent - jealous isn't even the word. I only recently started following her but I just love her photos and can't wait for her next adventure! Find her blog here:

< Morocco by @harritravels

OTTO_DAMBRA // I am a massive tattoo fan and Otto is one of the best artists I've come across - to be tatooed by him would be an absolute dream come true!

< Tattoo by @otto_dambra 

PERKSOFBEINGAMI // I found Ami's Instagram when I started following her blog, and I have to say her photos are just incredible! Ami's blog can be accessed here:

< L'Oreal lipstick by @perksofbeingami 

HEY_LLOYD // Corrin is an illustrator who sells loads of custom made designs on crockery and such like - I wish I had a talent like this. Her illustrations are so lovely, her page is well worth a look.

< Christmas tea light holder by @hey_lloyd

PAPERFASHION // When my housemate first introduced me to Katie Rodgers' work I was in awe - she's such an incredibly talented artist, and I love looking at her account to see what she's been sketching and painting! She often posts videos of her work too.

< An artist on her way by @paperfashion

HELLOOCTOBERXO // Suzie is absolutely stunning and her photography is amazing too. I have true eyebrow envy! You can find Suzie's blog by clicking here:

< Afternoon tea by @hellooctoberxo

THEFASHIONRAMBLINGS // Lauren is a fashion blogger and her pictures are of such a high standard, I'm so jealous. Find her blog here:

< Primark bag by @thefashionramblings

These are just some of my current favourite Instagram accounts; I'm rubbish at photography and arty stuff so I spend hours looking at gorgeous photos on the hunt for inspiration. All of these accounts are well worth a look! And speaking of Instagram - my December photo challenge is well under way, congratulation to everyone who's posted their pictures every day. Join in by using the hashtag #thelilacscrapbook :)

Want to see my fave youtubers? 'course you do

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