Thursday 23 October 2014

TVSCB // Sausage Casserole

It's time for another instalment in the Virtual Student Cook Book - and today it's sausage casserole. I'm drooling just writing this.


Sausages - They're just sausages aren't they; I personally like to use the really thick ones but you an use whichever ones you want.

Vegetables - A bit like the last recipe, you can use whatever veg you want in your casserole. I normally include peppers, onions, sweetcorn and peas - but you could also add mushrooms and anything else!

Carbs - It's up to you whether you use pasta or potatoes or curly fries, anything goes for a bit of stodge.

Casserole Mix - I usually get a packet mix from Colmans or Schwartz, but I recently discovered that Aldi and Lidl both do their own ones which are super cheap and taste just as good.

Let's get cooking...

I start off with frying the sausages in oil and herbs, but you could grill them if you're after the healthy option! You don't need to cook them for too long, as the casserole goes in the oven afterwards so they'll definitely be safe to eat! I also fry the peppers and onions to give them a bit of flavour.

I then follow the instructions on the packet mix (which is usually just mixing it with water) and pour the liquid into a casserole dish along with the sausages and all the veg. I cover the dish with foil, or the lid if I can find it, then whack it in the oven for a few hours! This means the sausages go really soft and there's plenty of flavour locked in.

When I'm almost ready to eat, I cook the pasta. I then take the dish out of the oven and mix the pasta in and bob's your uncle!

And you're done!

Honestly, that's it! Any fool could do it, I promise you. It tastes amazingggggg as well. Again, I'm really sorry for the lack of photos on this post; I'm picking my camera up TONIGHT so there should be some decent photos coming soon. Also, sorry that this is the second non-beauty related post in a row; I usually like to mix it up, but I'm at my family home right now rather than my uni house which is where all my products are, oops!

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