Friday 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween // Tag

I saw the Halloween Tag and decided I had to do it, I adore Halloween and I actually prefer it to Christmas (scandalous I know...)

What's your first memory of Halloween? I think my earliest Halloween memory is being at my dance school and we all dressed up for our lesson. I was probably a witch, ha.

What's your favourite memory of Halloween? My aunty used to throw a party every year to combine Halloween and Bonfire Night (we called it Bonoween!) and they were some of the best parties ever.

What are your plans for Halloween this year? I went on a pub crawl on Wednesday night dressed as a zombie nurse with my badminton team, and tonight I'm off to a house party! So nothing too wild.

What do you love most about Halloween? DRESSING UP. I love it so much.

At what age did you stop trick-or-treating? I can't remember in all honesty, but probably when I was around eleven or twelve!

Favourite Halloween costume you've ever been? Last year I was a zombie princess and I loved doing that.

What's your favourite Halloween candy? I just love the fact that things like Mars Bars are in miniature form. Amazing. What a time to be alive...

Happy Halloween guys! This tag is super quick and easy to do so I tag y'all to do it this evening before you head out (if you're celebrating).

If you want to do know how I did this zombie make up, there's a post here and I promise it's probably the only "tutorial" I'll ever do! Let me know over on Twitter @katygilroyblog if you think it looks okay though...

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