Thursday 4 September 2014

Things You Don't Need To Take To Uni

As I'm entering my second year of uni and packing to move away again, I can't help but think I took soooo many things last year that I simply didn't need or didn't use! Packing lightly will mean you can move yourself in quickly and easily, and get down to the important things such as meeting your housemates and partying as soon as possible.

Your Entire DVD Collection // I took literally every DVD I own to uni in my first year, and only watched a handful of them. I didn't have a TV in my room, and while we did watch DVDs in our communal area, it was just as easy to hook someone's laptop up and watch something online, which is what we did quite a lot! Also, I watched most of the films I own via Netflix anyway....

Your Whole Wardrobe // It is difficult to know which clothes you will and won't need, but remember that you're likely to have a lot less storage space when you're at university. If you're lucky to be going somewhere not too far from home, you could take your autumn/winter wardrobe with you in September, then swap to your spring/summer wardrobe when it's the Easter holidays. I so wish I'd done this!

Revision Tools // I bought so many of these - post it notes, highlighters and blank post cards. However, I didn't end up having any exams so they went to waste. Find out if you do actually have exams before you waste your time and money buying this sort of stuff.

Copious Amounts of Stationery // I took so many cute notebooks and pretty ring-binders with me, but in reality I spent most of the year scribbling notes in an A4 refill pad, because they're big enough to fit loads of notes in yet they're not bulky. Glitter gel pens are nice and all, but they smudge everywhere and run out quickly... Basic and trustworthy things are your best bet, boring as they are.

A Massive Suitcase (or three) // You'll literally have nowhere to put it; storage is sparse and you'll need the room under your bed for other things. Holdalls and bin bags work just as well, even if they are a lot less glamorous.

Spongy Laptop Tray // I bought one of these from Ikea, a black plastic tray with a cushion underneath so that you can safely use your laptop where it's intended - your lap - without it over heating. I put it down the side of my desk and promptly forgot about it.

A Fully Stocked First Aid Kit // I took literally everything you can think of and barely used any of it - plus if you do need it, halls are never too far away from some sort of shop so don't worry about it!

There's probably loads more things I carted with me to my new home and hardly used, but that's all I can think of for now - so I'll leave you with a hilarious photo of me during my first year of uni.

I will most likely have some more student-related posts coming up, let me know if you enjoy them! I can't wait to move back to my university and start second year. 

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