Saturday 30 August 2014

Wishlist // Winter Coats

Autumn is fast approaching and for us poor sods in the UK, that means colder and wetter weather. I'm on the hunt for nice warm winter coat, and I don't want to revert to a Parka as I usually do - not that there's anything wrong with them, I just fancy a change! So with that in mind I decided to put together a little wishlist containing the best coats I've seen so far.

1 // Boyfriend Coat, £40, Matalan - I actually tried on this pale bluey/lilac boyfriend coat when I was shopping with my parents, and it's just the softest cosiest thing EVER. Coats are never cheap, but £40 is a decent price in my opinion (not that I'm too eager to part with the money...), and it seems to be really well made. My mum said it really suited me so I think I might have to splash out! It's oversized and made of "boucle" material, which is a sort of wool but isn't at all itchy. Pockets are always a bonus, and they do it in black too if you want to carry on the monochrome trend.

2 // Aileen Textured Wool Look Boyfriend Coat, £45, - Pink isn't a colour I'd normally go for when it comes to coats but this year I've seen a few really lovely pink coats; this one looks really smart and structured, although I'm not sure how good the quality would be. Again it has pockets, which I think is a definite must with any coat.

3 // Check Print Jersey Coat, £75, Topshop - In my opinion this is ridiculously overpriced considering it's made of jersey, meaning it's likely to be quite thin and not warm whatsoever... but it looks absolutely gorgeous, and the check print is really in fashion lately. I personally wouldn't spend £75 on it but I wish I had the money to do so!

Out of all the coats, the baby blue Matalan one is my favourite and I might buy it next week when I've psyched myself up to part with £40!

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  1. I love the pastel pink coat trend at the moment, so love the BooHoo pick.
    Lovely post :)
    nlmorgan, lifestyle & beauty

  2. I tried a lovely one on in Primark today which was only £25, unfortunately it looked really long on me as I'm quite short but you should def check it out if you're looking for one :)