Tuesday 1 July 2014

My A-Z Summer Holiday Essentials

As it's coming up to the beginning of Summer and people are starting to go on holiday (I've just booked mine!) I thought this was an appropriate post to write. I personally can't wait for a bit of sun and time to relax. Read on for my holiday essentials!

Books. Reading material is an absolute must for me when I'm abroad; I literally spend most of every holiday with my nose in a book. Check out my top 10 summer reading recommendations HERE

Camera. Snapping a few photos is the perfect way to remember your summer holiday forever, and to make everyone jealous when you get home! Just make sure you don't drop it in the pool...

Directions. It is imperative that you know how to get from the airport to your hotel/villa/apartment, because it is SO stressful wandering around a strange city with no idea where you're going. Transfers can be arranged before you travel.

EHIC. Obviously this only applies if you're travelling within Europe but EHIC with ensure you are entitled to free or reduced health care if anything happens when you're away.

Flip Flops. Some hotels require you to wear them around the pool, and Primark have the cutest pairs for £1. A quid. 100 pennies. AMAZING.

Glasses. Sunglasses, obviously, and other types of glasses if you wear them. But sunglasses are not only stylish, they protect your eyes AND allow you to check out the 'talent' around the pool.

Hat. My mum literally forces a hat onto my head when I'm in the sun because I'm so pale, and if you burn your head it really hurts. Plus hats are in fashion now.

iPod. Any form of MP3/MP4 player is essential to me while I'm away; having something I can use to block out the world and just relax is perfect.

Jewellery. A lot of the outfits I take on holiday are quite basic, so nice lightweight jewellery definitely helps to jazz up what I'm wearing.

Knickers. And other underwear; it helps to have enough!

Lilos.  There is seriously nothing more entertaining than a lilo. And they're great for making friends (or enemies) because you can challenge people to battles. It might be better to buy one when you get there though.

Medicine. Different types of water and too much sun mean it's easy to feel sick when you're abroad, so it helps to have enough painkillers/indigestion remedies etc. You know what I mean.

Neck Pillow. Buy one. You'll thank me.

Other Stuff. Those little things like convertible plug things and playing cards.

Pyjamas. For some reason it seems so easy to forget them, or think it might be too hot for good old PJs. But air-con is a killer.

*I literally can't think of anything beginning with Q*

Razor. It's all well & good having your legs waxed before you go but sometimes it just doesn't last the whole two weeks. And then there's the bikini line...

Suncream. Thanks, Captain Obvious. But seriously, I cannot stress enough how important it is to be wearing a good SPF - especially if you have fair and sensitive skin like I do. Not just your limbs but your face, scalp, lips and the bottom of your feet need to be protected because not only does sunburn give you winkles, it's damn painful.

Toiletries. Everything - hair stuff, face stuff, body stuff ALL OF THE TOILETRIES. Take them. Nifty miniatures are always available.

Underwear. Just another reminder. You don't wanna get caught out.

Visas. And things like that. Important documents. Passports and stuff.

Waterproofs. Even when you're abroad in a hot country it can still rain, so it might come in handy. Hopefully not, though.

X. Oh I don't know.

Yourself. Really the main thing on this list. ENJOY.

Z. You've got to be kidding...

I hope this was useful and I hope everybody has wonderful Summer holidays.

Lilo-surfing should be an Olympic Sport.

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