Friday 4 July 2014

My Essie Nail Varnish Collection

Essie is definitely my favourite brand of nail varnish, and believe me I've tried a lot. I find that most of their colours only need one shade and they dry really quickly which is always a bonus for me, being so impatient. I've compiled a list and mini-review of all my Essie polishes; sorry for the awful-quality pictures though...

L-R: Sugar Daddy, Cascade Cool, Off The Shoulder, Tour De Finance

Sugar Daddy - If I'm honest, and I hate to start out negatively, this is one I actually don't like. On me it comes out completely sheer, so I don't really see the point, although it might just be my nails. It would probably be nice with a French polish or maybe just to make your nails look a little healthier if you aren't allowed to wear nail varnish for school/work.

Cascade Cool - I love this colour, especially for Spring. It's definitely a cool-toned blue-based pink, and very Barbie-esque. Perfect for girly girls. As with all the rest of the Essie polishes I own (other than the above), the consistency and formula is gorgeous.

Off The Shoulder - This is almost a coral pink, but more pinky than orange, but it looks lovely on the nails and it's not too bright. I won't mention the formula/drying time/consistency/longevity in all of these, but as with the rest it's perfect for me, and lasts about 5-6 days without too much chipping.

Tour De Finance - Another of my favourites, this is a deeper blue-toned pink with shimmer in it, and it's sooooo bright making it perfect for Summer. I literally only need one coat of this. Love it.

L-R All Tied Up, Geranium, Capri, Orange It's Obvious, Fear & Desire

All Tied Up - I'm beginning to think I should have put this with the pinks up there... This shade is a dark-ish nude pink with gold shimmer which transfers onto the nail beautifully. I love this colour for Spring and the shimmer reflects the sunlight so nicely.

Geranium - This is a muted coral colour which looks really nice and soft - if that's an adequate way of describing a colour.Just gorgeous.

Capri - Another coral, but this is very red-toned and stands out when on your nails. Definitely a Summer to Autumn transitional shade.

Orange It's Obvious - This is brightest, most obnoxious ORANGE shade I've ever come across; that's literally the only way to describe it, it's pure orange and looks amazing on the nails against any skin tone.

Fear & Desire - This is a slightly lighter version of the above, but still very orange. I love this one.

L-R/Top to Bottom: Lilacism, Avenue Maintain, Bikini So Teeny, Mojito Madness

Lilacism - This is a very pale blue-toned lilac, which is so opaque I only need one shade. Being a pastel colour it's perfect for Spring into Summer. Definitely a fave of mine.

Avenue Maintain - This is a lot brighter than the picture shows, it's almost a cobalt blue but not quite as dark, though it really stands out on the nails. Sadly mine has gone very gloopy because I took it abroad with last year and left it in the sun. Gross. But when it was at it's full strength it was amazing.

Bikini So Teeny - I adore this shade; a baby blue with almost lilac undertones and silver shimmer that looks amazing on the nails especially against olive-toned skin.

Mojito Madness - I'm not normally one for green nails because green reminds me of things like snot and mould (sorry), but I love this shade. Again it's quite soft and muted, green without being TOO green.

Sssssexy (Repstyle Collection)

Sssssexy - This shade was part of their Repstyle Collection that comes with a magnetic cover to create snake-like patterns on the nail (I threw that away), but the colour itself is a lovely. A deep maroon with a silver sheen rather than shimmer, it's perfect for Autumn/Winter and looks really classy.

So there you have my Essie collection, although there's so many more I'm lusting after. A quick disclaimer, I didn't pay full price for all over these; most were bought off Fragrance Direct, who are definitely worth checking out (this isn't sponsored). Again I apologise for the poor quality of photos, oops.

Can't get enough!

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