Thursday 26 June 2014

DIY Make Your Own Face Mask - Yoghurt and Honey

I suffer from eczema, meaning my skin is constantly dry, and I also suffer from acne - so I have a lot of spots too. Finding treatments that help one thing without causing the other to play up is a nightmare. Most spot treatments are too harsh for my eczema and tend to burn my skin, whilst anything that claims to moisturise really just makes me greasy.

That being said, I love trying out new products to see what they do, and I love things that are cheap and easily accessible. One of the best ideas EVER, in my opinion, is the use of random things you find in your kitchen - making sure nothing goes to waste, and meaning you don't have to run out and buy the new expensive skin products.

I decided to have a root around in my kitchen, and ended up with a nice little face mask. Here's what I used...

2 Tablespoons of Greek Yoghurt
1 Tablespoon of Honey
Half a tablespoon of Olive Oil

(For reference, this produced more than enough for my massive moon face)

I mixed them up in a little bowl and VOILA. Onto my skin went the little mask, which was quite sloppy and made me smell like an ice cream van, for about 20-30 minutes. Plenty of time to relax/watch Tv/nap/answer emails.

When it came to washing the mask off, I used a clean warm flannel (face cloth????), buffing it into my skin in circular motions for a tiny bit of exfoliation. I then used a towel to pat my face dry before examining my skin, which was now ridiculously soft with the exception of the two patches of eczema on my cheeks. I then applied my Simple moisturiser, which seemed to go on a lot better after I used the mask.

Overall I think DIY face masks are definitely the way to go: you know exactly what's in them, and they're a lot less harsh than the shop-bought ones as well as being a lot cheaper! The yoghurt has anti-bacterial properties as well as being soothing; honey is a natural moisturiser and also prevents wrinkles, while the olive oil is extremely hydrating. I've put mine in the fridge to use again tomorrow.

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