Wednesday, 29 June 2016

To, Missy Higgins

Melissa Morrison Higgins,

Thank you. For everything. Thank you for every song you've ever written, for every song you've covered and put your own twist on; thank you for writing lyrics that have, since day one, spoken straight to my heart in a way that nobody else has ever been able to achieve.

When I was 12 and my best friend moved to the other side of the world, I spent so much time listening to The Special Two. She was also a fan of your's, and it made me feel like we were still connected even though she was having a grand adventure with new friends and noodle bars, and I was stuck in our hometown wearing Marks and Spencers school shoes.

When I was 14, in my angsty teenager phase (I was a huge fan of My Chemical Romance at the time) I used to secretly listen to your music in my bedroom when my friends weren't there - I would to listen to Katie over and over, and in my iTunes library I changed the spelling to 'Katy'.

When I was 16, I started to question my sexuality for the first time; and reading that you were bisexual helped me a lot. Somebody I respected, somebody I trusted and connected with and loved, somebody who was successful - if you could do it, then just maybe I could too. And I listened to Secret, and I felt that in some way it summed up how I felt and what was happening in my life. And that made things okay.

When I was 18 and I moved to university, I was scared; I was stressed, lonely, unsure of what was happening. We Ride was released, and I heard the first few chords, and I cried for hours. And then I got up, went out and owned it. With those lyrics in my head I made friends, made love, went on my own adventures and I grew up.

When I was 20, overcoming depression, getting out of a toxic relationship, I found solace in your music again. And again, and again. Steer became my own soundtrack, so much so I wrote tweets and emails and ended up with a tattoo of the lyrics in your handwriting; so now, you're always with me. Now I have those three words as a constant reminder that my life is my own, and I can do anything.

So thank you; thank you for being there when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm grieving or stressed or excited. Thank you for inspiring me, for educating me, for making sure that home was a person and not a place.

I love and respect you endlessly, and I will forever be grateful that you exist. All my love to you, Dan and baby Samuel.

Monday, 27 June 2016

DermaV10 Make Off Mitt // Review

Okay so y'all may remember me doing a post about waterless cleansers a while back - but what about a cleanser that is just water?! DermaV10 sent a bunch of their products for #NWmeet and I was so grateful for their involvement; one of the products was the Make Off Mitt, which I'd never seen or heard of... But it's life changing.

To look at it, it's just a white mitt - a glove with no finger spaces, if you will. It's so soft, and honestly I had my doubts. How could this little thing, paired with just water, remove all my make up? But lo and behold, it did. It just did. I don't know how (apparently it's microfibres) but it works, even with waterproof mascara and stubborn eyeliner.

I will say one thing - it's kinda gross. You can only use it once, because for my chubby face/layers of concealer I need both sides, and then you have to bung it in the washing machine. But it's perfectly clean when you've washed it, not a mark on it, and then you're good to go again. Luckily I had a few left over after the event, so I kept a few for myself and have them on rotation.

My evening routine involves using this followed by a cream cleanser (I'm using Tropic at the minute, which I adore) to make sure everything is spick and span. And I'm pretty happy about it.

Have you tried anything like this?!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

University - the end

I did it, guys. I've completed a three year undergraduate degree in BA (Hons) Journalism and Creative Writing. Hand on heart, I didn't think I'd make it to the end. I know that sounds dramatic but there have been so many times when I've felt like I'm not good enough, not strong enough or not clever enough to do this. But I have - I proved myself wrong.

I've learnt so much, so so much - practical things like how to use InDesign and what the different proofreading marks mean, how to wash as many clothes as possible at one time and how to budget (sort of). But more importantly I've learnt so much about myself: how to cope with stress, how amazing it is to have a good support system around you and how to be a good friend. I've learnt how to put myself first when I need to, how to manage my time wisely (again, sort of) and how to be happy. I've travelled to some amazing places as part of my course, and I've found inspiration in the smallest and biggest things.

There have been bad times - failed relationships, friendship fall outs and mismatched socks. Depression, mild anxiety, living off Pot Noodles. Living in the same pair of pyjama bottoms for four days straight, bad grades, a lot of tears. But it's made me a stronger person, and I wouldn't change my university experience for the world.

I have met some of the most amazing, kind hearted, intelligent and talented people ever; I've had tutors who have gone above and beyond what I expected, and I have friends for life who I treasure more than anything. I've written things I never thought I could, made things I could never have imagined, been more successful than I could have hoped. Chester has become a city that's firmly lodged in my heart, and (fingers crossed) I'll be back next year to start a masters degree.

And I am damn proud.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

My current faves

With all the negativity floating around the world lately, I wanted to inject some positivity into my life and by extension, my blog. I've never done a 'favourites' post before, and I'm not promising they'll be regular - but here goes.

In terms of beauty, I've been loving the Charlotte Tilbury 'The Retoucher' - I'm in the palest shade (obv) and I use it under my eyes, down my nose and in a downwards V shape on my forehead/between my brows, on top of foundation. I don't know if that's how you're meant to use it, but it works for me and I love it. I've also been using a bunch of John Frieda products lately; their Sheer Blonde range is just spot on. You know when a shampoo just lathers LOADS? I love that.

Fashion - it's something I suck at, really. But I've been wearing an a-line denim skirt from Missguided so much in the past few weeks, and I'm obsessed with it - it's so flattering especially as I have quite a small waist and big hips. When I'm not wearing that or my work uniform, I've been spending a lot of time in my Adventure Time pyjamas (Primark's finest, of course) and they're so soft/comfy/cute.

What else? The #queerselflove hashtag on Twitter has given me so much joy - it's amazing seeing so many people comfortable in sharing who they are, and I love selfies anyway. There's so many incredibly talented, lovely and beautiful people using that hashtag, and the support I've seen for it has been lovely. I've been jamming out to One Call Away by Charlie Puth so much recently; it's a gorgeous song and his voice is stunning. Snapchat filters - I just love snapchat filters. Is there anything cuter than a baby with the dog filter? Plus they make my skin look pretty good. I just love them, probably because I'm basic or whatever.

Tell me your fave things!!!!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

My make up storage

It's no secret that I'm a messy person - my room constantly looks like it's been ransacked, but I do seem to know where everything is which is definitely a positive. I've never really had any form of solid make up storage, until Bisley got in touch with me; they offered to send me one of their multi-drawer units.

I had a long wait for this, because it came while I was on holiday then I went straight back to uni and had no chance to sort it out - but when I did get around to it, I was thrilled. I have the H125NL Multidrawer 12/5NL in 'Anthracite' which is a beautiful dark grey. It sort of matches the flowers on my wallpaper, so I'm happy with that - but they do it in some gorgeous bright colours if you're one of those sassy pinterest-perfect gals with a white room that needs a pop of colour.

Bisley, as you might know, specialise in office furniture - my dad thinks it's so weird that I'm using a "miniature filing cabinet" for my make up but it's honestly perfect. It has five drawers, and I've separated mine into the following categories: eyes & brows, base & face, face & cheeks, lips, and brushes. The drawers came with little cards so I could write labels for each drawer, and trust me this comes in handy when I'm hungover and getting ready for work at 8am...

The drawers are spacious; admittedly, I don't have all my make up in these drawers as yet, because half of it is still at my university house, but I can't see it being a problem trying to fit it all in! I might get some little plastic boxes to put inside, but I don't really think it's a neccessity. I have some skincare on top, and that way everything is in one place - voila. These retail for around the £50 mark, and you can get them from Bisley and a few other places!

How do you store your make up?