Friday, 26 May 2017

My ultimate shopping guide with LiverpoolONE

Shopping is one of my favourite pastimes, especially when I've got the money for it - and I've been shopping quite a bit lately in preparation for an upcoming trip to Porto. Back when I was a kid, there were hardly any shops in Liverpool but everything's changed, now: LiverpoolONE is jam packed with shops.

From cute stationery shops like Utility to the ginormous Apple Store, with New Look and Superdrug and GAP in between, there's something for everyone and every budget. A typical jaunt to LiverpoolONE goes exactly like this for me: mooch around every beauty counter in John Lewis and Debenhams, swatching absolutely everything in sight, then heading into Paperchase to lust after outrageously patterned notebooks followed by a visit to the Disney store to cry about how cute the baby clothes in there are and debate whether we need more Tsum Tsums.

There's a Thorntons cafe in Liverpool one and you can get baskets of brownies, fudge, marshmallows etc covered in melted chocolate, which is SO heavenly - I also love the mini golf although I've only been once and I'm pretty sure I lost. You can head to to see all the good stuff happening there - and tag me in anything you buy because I'm skint and wanna live vicariously through you guys.

I've put together a lil' fashion wishlist, too, in terms of what's in some LiverpoolONE shops right now...

Tie Dye Dr Marten sandals are everything I want for Porto and more - paired with this white Fred Perry polo shirt they'd be so dreamy, and I reckon I could wear them with these linen joggers from GAP, and this mustard yellow broderie dress from Warehouse. Also how cute is this Pull&Bear t shirt with red peppers on it?!

This post was written in collaboration with Liverpool One but as always, all words + opinions are my own - please see my disclaimer for more information.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

My favourite budget skincare

I've talked budget make up recently, and now it's all about skincare - these aren't necessarily under a fiver because as it happens, skincare isn't really that cheap. I don't mind though, because investing in good skincare will inevitably keep your skin healthy, and have your make up looking boss. If you are on a tight budget, though, here's some things that I think are spot on.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Gel-Cream* // This is like thick water - that's honestly the only way I can describe it. It feels amazing on the skin, though: soothing, refreshing, cooling. It smells fruity and is SO good at nourishing the skin.

Argan Oil Night Repair Serum // You can get this in Poundland so yeah, you guessed it, it's a quid and this has been one of my favourite skincare products for years. It's so damn moisturising, smells good, isn't sticky, sinks in quick ... more on that HERE in one of my oldest and most popular posts!

Ziaja Olive Leaf Toning Spray // Facial sprays are such a good thing to have in your skincare routine, especially if you've always run out of cotton pads like me. The spray allows you to distribute product evenly across your face, and this one has vitamin C which is an added bonus - plus it feels SO refreshing and leaves my face feeling cool and soft. And it smells good. You can actually get this in Polish supermarkets in the U.K for the same price as you'd pay in Poland which is like, less than 2 quid.

Garnier Honey Flower Gel Wash // I use this to take my make up off, and find that I don't even need a flannel/cloth - plus it's amazing for adding some extra moisture to my dry skin and it smells better than most things in my bathroom. I reviewed a few of these gel washes HERE if you're particularly interested!

nspa Cleansing Oil* // I've had this for a while and it's one of my favourite things when it comes to getting all my make up off - it genuinely smells like a spa and it really works, too! Getting make up off is easy peasy and it feels nourishing too, without leaving a greasy film or anything. Plus you can get it in ASDA with your weekly shop which is what I really love about nspa products.

What are your favourite budget skincare products?

Sunday, 21 May 2017

#YourNewMcDonalds AD

Growing up, a Happy Meal used to be our Saturday evening treat after badminton/gymnastics/whatever activity we were doing at the time. McDonalds are a huge company, and I've eaten their burgers in countries worldwide - from shopping centres in France on a school trip, to high streets in Poland with Sam. They're iconic, and to work with them is a bit of a blogging highlight for me.

So - we headed to the Page Moss McDonalds in Huyton, Liverpool, to meet the franchisee who owns that particular store and get the low down on what it's like to be a franchisee. He currently owns 4 stores (crazy) and is opening another one soon. We learnt a bit about the history of McDonalds, and about how things have changed over recent years - everything is faster, more customer-friendly, more intuitive and easy and fun.

We were each presented with a sparkly box containing our very own apron, cap and name tag - and a hair net, of course. We washed our hands and our kitchen tour began - a bit of explaining at each station, a demo and then it was over to us. Honestly I've never been so stressed; everything is so precise, and they work so damn hard in that kitchen to ensure everything runs smoothly. Honestly it's like a whirlwind!

I ended up with my burger just how I like it - a double cheeseburger with no cheese or pickles - alongside some chips and their new raspberry ripple ice drink. Deliciiiiious.

It was such an exciting experience to see what goes on behind the scenes in my favourite fast food restaurant and honestly, I don't ever wanna hear people look down on those who work in that industry because it's definitely not a job I could do!

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Recent things: a haul

I've bought so many summer things lately that to haul everything would be crazy - but I did want to share some things I've accumulated recently that might not fit into other blog posts etc, at least for a while!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new-look All Nighter setting spray* from Urban Decay; I already know I love this stuff, and the new packaging is lush. I also picked up a new moisturiser from Garnier; I have the gel wash in this range and it's my favourite skincare item of the moment so I had to try this out, and it was only a couple of quid in Superdrug. Tropic, babes that they are, know we're headed on holiday next month so they sent us some Skin Shade mineral sun protection* which has an SPF of 30. This smells so good and it's a really decent size, too.

Candles are such a love of mine but I resent paying Yankee prices for something you're literally going to burn - Wickford & Co have similar scents that are are amazing quality, so I picked up the Vanilla Cupcake Frosting large jar for under a fiver in Home Bargains. This smells SO GOOD I swear. On the topic of cheap random things, Primark's 90p flip flops have got me sorted for Porto - how cute are these with the little flamingos on?!

I also have two 'books' to show y'all - Do What You Want, a zine by Ruby Tandoh and Leah Pritchard both of whom are so cool. It's so colourful and fun and jam packed with stuff, and profits go to mental health charities which is always a bonus. Sam treated me to this really cute pocket book about David Bowie which now lives on my bedside table, and I love love love it.

Have you treated yourself to anything nice lately?

Friday, 19 May 2017

So Divine Sex Toys

I love discovering new brands when it comes to sex toys, and when So Divine reached out to me and offered to send me some toys I jumped at the chance (thanks, guys!) and here we are. I've had them for a while, testing them out and getting to know them, and it's a thumbs up from me. Also, I heard it's 'Masturbation May' which sounds great to me - love yo'self.

First off is the Thinkin' Bout You vibrating bullet which is just your bog standard, average bullet - it's red and it's that soft matte silicone texture that feels so nice. Completely waterproof if you fancy taking it in the shower with you, and it's not too loud either. It's only got one speed, but it's everything you need in a bullet and for eight quid, you can't go wrong really!

I also got my hands on the Je T'aime silky touch vibrator which is pink and has little raised dots on it - it can be used as both an external and internal vibrator. The pink, however, is actually a sleeve and inside is a bullet, so you can use it two ways. It has 3 different speeds, and 7 different types of vibration, and it's easy to switch things up with the little button at the bottom. I really like this one, and again it's waterproof and pretty quiet. It's £16 full price which is spot on if you ask me, but it's even cheaper right now in the sale so get in quick if you want one.


So Divine sent me a third vibrator, the Ooh La La which has a petal-like tip, and is a gorgeous pink colour. It has magnetic charging, so it should last you a few years, and it's waterproof and quiet with 10 different modes of vibration. I decided, once I'd photographed this one, that I didn't need yet another vibrator so it remains unused and I'll be giving it away on Twitter - so keep your eyes peeled over the next few days for your chance to win!

What are your favourite sex toys?