Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Kyriad Disneyland Resort Paris // Review

Hotel reviews are something I want to get into doing more, so I knew I had to review the Kyriad which was the hotel we stayed in when visiting Disneyland Paris. I'll try and cover everything in this post but if you're looking at staying there and have any pressing questions, tweet/email me and I'll get back to you ASAP!

We stayed at the Kyriad for 2 nights in a standard room which had a double bed & a set of bunk beds; it also had a decent sized bathroom with bath and shower, 2 little wardrobes, a TV, a safe, a kettle (but no mugs???) and a desk/chair set up. The room was clean and warm and well decorated in reds and creams, and the bed was SO comfy as well as being plenty big enough. We were on the second floor, through an exterior door that didn't actually lock (but was meant to), then into our room which thankfully did lock! Our view was a bit naff, just houses and buildings but they were French houses and buildings so at least 4 times prettier than it would have been in the UK...

The staff were friendly and helpful, decked out in checked shirts and dungarees, and always on hand to answer questions/help out. The lobby has arcade games as well as a bar, and there's a Disney shop filled with t shirts, stuffed toys and autograph books in case you want to get these before heading into the park or buy them after you've been to save carrying them around. Obviously it doesn't have nearly as much choice as the shops in the park itself, but it's something. There's also a multitude of vending machines in the lobby - snacks and drinks as well as a practical one with plugs and wires (helpful as we literally did forget our charging plugs lol) and deodorant, face wipes etc. Sadly there's no cash machine, which I do feel as if the hotel would benefit from, but what can you do?! There is a microwave, though, in case you need to heat up baby food/milk, or make popcorn which a lot of people seemed to be doing. Smelt amazing.

When we arrived late on Monday night, the bar was still open and so was the little snack shack which serves popcorn, slush, ice cream and all that goodness, so you'll never be stuck for something to eat. Breakfast was sub par - I had high hopes but the meat tasted funny to my English tastebuds (though I'm sure if you're European you'd love it) and everything was a bit cold. The hash browns, croissants and bread were good, but not particularly filling. The hotel also offers a packed lunch service for you to take to the park, and a buffet at tea time, but we didn't utilise either of these so I can't tell you much - sorry!

The crowning glory of the hotel, for me, was the small farm - goats, sheep, rabbits, alpacas, ponies, donkeys and more. SO FLIPPING CUTE and will let you stroke them eventually. They have loads of space to roam around and they all look so happy and content. I loved it so much and would definitely recommend the Kyriad based on this alone.

There is also, of course, a free shuttle bus to and from the Disney parks which comes every 10-15 minutes; we got the RER A train straight from Paris (right by the Arc De Triomphe) to Marne La Vallee station which is literally at Disneyland, then jumped on the shuttle bus from there which took us to the doors of the Kyriad in under 10 mins. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

So that's that - I'd definitely stay at the Kyriad again and would recommend it to anyone planning a Disney trip, especially if you're trying to do it on a budget!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Sex Toy Wishlist

It's been a looooong time since I've done anything sex-toy related, so I thought I'd ease myself back in with a classic sex toy wishlist.

I am fascinated by the Motorhead sex toys, like which member of the band woke up one morning like guys we need to bring out a rang of vibrators?! No idea but, I'm glad they did. They teamed up with LoveHoney to do so, meaning you can get student discount, and the whole range is just brilliant. Definitely a good addition to any collection! Another LoveHoney sex toy is this vibrating love egg which, and I don't know about you, always reminds me of that Inbetweeners episode where the pretty blonde one says her & her pal put them in on the train. Anyway, I've never tried one and I think I wanna. Carvaka have some amazing toys, and they periodically send me packages (thanks guys) so they're well worth checking out - this waterproof mini wand massager is small, cute and pink. Love.

I've never seen a sex toy this shape before, and this is from the 'clit cuddler' range on LoveAndrea, which is a new online sex toy store. I'm so intrigued by this one, which is a tickler vibrator, and it's purple which I love. Also - it's rechargeable so you don't need to be scrabbling for batteries which can definitely ruin the mood. Last but not least, I wanted to add in something completely weird and wonderful, what with Halloween being (almost) round the corner - I'm not sure if I actually would use this myself, but it's the alien dildo from Geeky Sex Toys and it's so gross and creepy but also almost 

What's on your sex toy wishlist?!

This post is a paid-for collaboration with LoveAndrea, but all words & thoughts are my own. 
Please see my disclaimer for more info.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation // Review

Back at it with another foundation review - but as I own literally over 50 bottles of the stuff at last count, it makes sense to review them all. This week it's the Max Factor Lasting Performance foundation, which retails for around the £10 mark; I used to think this was a really expensive foundation when I was younger, but obviously compared to the likes of Charlotte Tilbury, Armani and MAC which I'm lucky enough to have in my collection, it's pretty affordable.

The packaging is pretty boring and unassuming, a squeezy plastic tube that's easy to store and easy to travel with; it can be hard to judge whether you're squeezing out the right amount but other than that, it's pretty decent packaging. I hadn't used this for a few years but I decided to give it another go and turns out, I bloody love it. It gives just the right amount of coverage without looking cakey, and it's not too matte nor is it too shiny, plus it lasts a decent amount of time.

I used this with a Barry M primer (post coming soon I promise) and it went on lovely, and other make up blended on top really well (a MAC powder blusher, a NYX powder contour, a Primark stick concealer etc etc etc). I've used this with and without setting spray, too, and it stayed on fairly well without it. It even lasted a bar shift, albeit not a massively busy one but it's always hot behind the bar.

All in all this foundation is a dream, especially for a tenner; as per a lot of drugstore foundations the shade range is shit, which is a real drawback of affordable make up, but if you can find a shade that suits you it's well worth a try! I've tried to show it in different lighting, too, and I just think it's boss.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

My top 3 rides at Disneyland Paris

If you follow me on any form of social media, you'll likely know I visited Disneyland Paris this week - and I had an absolute ball. We only met one character (Rafiki) because we decided to dedicate our time to the rides around the park; there's honestly something for everyone in terms of rides and, if you plan it right/get really lucky, you can fit loads in! I thought I'd share my top 3 rides, in case you don't end up having much time to ride them...

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain // I've fallen in love with rollercoasters all over again after this trip, and I bloody love Star Wars - so this one is just perfect. It's big, fast, and very very loud; you feel like you go upside down, but it's actually just the way they move the graphics that surround you. It's such a thrill, though, and one I'd definitely go on again & again - we did it 3 times, so it must have been good. This one is in the Discoveryland section of the Disneyland Park, you have to be 1.2m tall and you can use your fast pass and/or go as a single rider.

Ratatouille: The Adventure // when I was eight and we went to Disney in Florida, my mum made us queue for hours for the 4D Shrek ride which was, in all honesty, not worth the wait. This one, however, would have been - it had long queues all day but by the time we got there it was only 15 mins if you went as a single rider, which we decided to. We ended up in the same carriage (rat shaped, obv) anyway, so it all worked out great. This whole ride is so immersive - you basically are one of the rats, and everything around you is huge; you have to wear 3D glasses and there's a story played out on screen, with added effects such as heat as you "get thrown under the oven" and amazing smells as you get deeper into "the kitchen". This one is perfect if you a) love Ratatouille or b) hate rollercoasters or c) love special effects - really, I think most people will love it and I can see why it's one of Paris' most popular rides! This one is in the Toon Studio area of the Walt Disney Studios Park, any height/age can ride and you can go as a single rider/use your fast pass.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror // this is the ride we were the most excited for and as such, we were prepared to queue for 55 minutes to go on it - and it was so worth it. In terms of theme and decor, this is one of the best: the attention to detail both outside and inside, throughout the queue as well as during the ride itself, is just exquisite. It has a whole storyline and then you're sat in a lift getting chucked up and down thirteen floors and it's just SO MUCH FUN. We managed to do this one twice and a random Spanish girl kept grabbing my hand in shock the second time. Would highly recommend. This one's located in the Production Courtyard area of the Walt Disney Studios Park, you have to be 1.2m tall and you can use your fast pass for it.

So there's my top 3 rides at DLP - if you've been, what are your faves?!

Friday, 8 September 2017

Inglot AMC Cream Foundation Review

One perk of being in a girl/girl relationship is getting to share all our make up - and we can just about get away with the same foundations, normally. So I decided to test out one of Sam's favourites, the Inglot AMC Cream Foundation which we bought in Poznan earlier this year. Inglot is well cheaper in Poland and although the staff are always really snotty, it's a shop we love going into when we're over there.

So the shade is LW 100 - light warm, apparently, and 100 seems to be about the lightest one they offer. Straight away I could tell this was the wrong shade for me; it's not necessarily too light, but it seems really grey which isn't something I've come across before. Nevertheless I persisted, and it blended in really nicely. I used about 3 pumps for my whole face and I'd say it's a medium coverage. The website states that it's matte to the touch with added illuminators - I'd say it looks matte, no illuminating properties per se, though it does transfer a bit.

In terms of blending on top of it, I used all powder products and they were absolutely fine; I had a primer underneath (the Barry M Flawless Original Primer) and finished off with my beloved Gerard Cosmetics cucumber setting spray. So how did it last? To be fair, pretty well. It looked really dry around my eyes but they just are really dry; it had broken up a bit on my forehead but most foundations do - and other than that, it looked pretty good.

So I need a better shade, and I wish it was just a teeeeeny bit more glowy but other than that, this one's a winner for me!

Have you tried any Inglot foundations?