Wednesday, 26 October 2016

TV Trigger Warnings

(TW: this post is about trigger warnings but has mention of mental illness and suicide. Please don't read it if you think you'll be negatively affected! Stay safe)

Recently I was watching Coronation Street, and I was thoroughly engrossed in the current David Platt storyline. If you don't know, his wife was recently killed and he was planning a murder-suicide and was generally in the midst of a breakdown that resulted in him almost killing his daughter and a few other characters. So now you know - and genuinely, I wasn't triggered by this but the whole thing was dark and heavily focused on David's "madness" (note the virtual air quotes) and planned suicide and I thought, this time two years ago I would have been. This time two years ago it would have me scratching at my skin and thinking.

At the end of the episode came the usual mainstream-TV thing of "if any of the issues in this program have affected you, please go to *insert own website name here* for advice on who you can speak to about this". And this irks me; I'm not denying that it's important to offer said advice, to make sure people know there's somebody they can talk to about things, but it all seems a bit like covering your own back. I get it - you've got to do it, and it's good that you're not brushing it under the carpet. But a certain phrase about horses and doors and bolting springs to mind.

why we need trigger warnings on TV

I think it's time TV recognised the need for trigger warnings. Hear me out - if they've recognised that the topic in their show is sensitive enough that people might need to talk to somebody about it, then surely they've recognised that it's something that's going to upset people. And maybe in something like a soap, as a regular viewer you'd know before watching it that the episode is going to focus heavily on - for example - suicidal thoughts. But if you're not a regular viewer, or it's a one-off drama rather than something that's been going for years, then you might have absolutely no idea of the plot line or the themes.

So surely it makes sense to warn people beforehand that the topics are sensitive, that they may need to seek advice or somebody to talk to afterwards, that they might want to avoid watching it altogether to protect themselves. Yeah, you might not want to lose ratings - but warning somebody off watching one episode that could put them in danger means they're more likely to come back and carry on watching - it means you've got their respect, because you haven't knowingly upset people when you could easily have warned them beforehand.

I don't know - I just feel strongly about this sort of thing, from my own experience with mental illness. I think it's important to let people know if something could or is likely to upset them, trigger them, hurt them. I know, "life doesn't come with trigger warnings" but sometimes it can, and I don't see why you wouldn't bother.

What are your thoughts on using trigger warnings on mainstream TV?

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

October Make Up Haul

I know, I post beauty hauls a lot - but I seem to have accumulated a lot of new make up lately. Some of it is from Sam's "I won't use this" drawer and some is stuff that I've bought or been sent - here goes!

The first shop I wanted to go into when we visited the Trafford Centre was Kiko, but Sam had a system and it ended up being one of the last - but it was sooooo worth it and I came away with 5 make up products, paying less then £20 for the lot. I picked up a foundation which is definitely going to be a bit too dark for me and a cream concealer which I am thrilled about - I'm always up for trying out new base products and I can't wait to get using these.

I also got my hands on a coppery shade of their cream crush eyeshadows which I'm head over heels in love with, and a lip gloss pencil. I know that sounds awful and I hate lip gloss as much as the next person but these really are gorgeous! I umm-ed and ah-ed over their eyebrows products for ages before settling on the eyebrow filler pencil. Less than £20 for all this? Yes please and thank you.

Now onto the multitude of things Sam has passed on to me - mostly from Armani Beauty, who we also had breakfast with last week. I have two of the eye tints (a whopping £27 each) and then two base products. These are the Fluid Sheer which can be use in about 17 different ways, and the iconic Luminous Silk Foundation which are around £36 each. She also gave me the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation, because it's too dark on her gorgeous pale skin, and one of their single eyeshadows in 'Lounge' which is such a me shade I can't even tell you. Thanks, queen.

At breakfast with Armani (I know this haul is all over the place, bear with) they gave us a Lip Maestro and I've worn it most days since I got it - mine is in the shade Blush and it's soooo pretty. I also got sent a lipstick from GOSH, which is the perfect Autumn shade and I'm loving it.

Have you got your hands on any new make up lately?

Monday, 24 October 2016

Second Chances

Fair warning, this post is gonna be a soppy one, but I wanted to collect my thoughts. Second chances are rare, but I'm lucky to have got one with the best girl in the world - my girlfriend, who is the strongest, most kind and lovely and compassionate human being I've ever met, not to mention beautiful, talented, witty and intelligent.

We've dated before, a year in which we fell in love from a shared bedroom; we stayed in over going out, we watched Netflix all the time and rarely went on adventures. When we did, they were meticulously planned and filled with anxiety. And things ended - I ended things, for the sake of Sam's health and my own. I knew she wouldn't or couldn't get better if we stayed together in the dependant way that we were, so I broke her heart and mine too, and let her go. It was the hardest decision I've ever had to make and as much as I pretended I was fine with it, I wasn't.

Time heals, and it did get easier but there wasn't a day that went by in which I didn't think of her, or love her, or wonder what she was doing. I checked her Twitter on the odd occasion, saw how well she was doing, and my heart burst with pride - I knew, ultimately, I'd made the right decision and as horrible as it had been, as horrible as it was spending my life without her, I knew it had been for the best.

And then, slowly, we built bridges - we became friends again, and it was like meeting a different person. Sam, but amplified; Sam with confidence, Sam full of laughter, Sam doing things and getting drunk and going out. The love that had never gone away swelled in me again, but I tried everything to push it away. She was Sam 2.0 and she wouldn't want me, this girl who was now everything I'd always seen in her, and she could see it too. Except, by some miracle, she did want me.

Blackpool, October 2016 - we went as friends and came back as girlfriends, ready to start over and give it another go and try again. And I'm so happy, so full of love and so determined to get things right this time, to be the best friend and girlfriend and protector. Sam makes me want to be a better person, to achieve my dreams and reach my goals and make something of myself and I really, truly, couldn't be more lucky to have a second chance at this. Just because things didn't work the first time around, doesn't mean it's not gonna happen this time.

So here's to us, the new us, Sam and Katy round two; we're both happy, and healthy, and full of life and love and potential. And here's to you lot, reading our blogs and watching our videos and watching us grow, together again.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Low key Halloween fashion wishlist

I love Halloween, and I like fashion, so I'm combining the two today - this year I have a few Halloween events, and there's some that I just don't fancy going all out for. Luckily, the shops do stock some more subtle spooky clothing, so here's my top picks!

A tiara makes everything better, and this black rhinestone one gives a Halloween edge to any outfit - how amazing would this look against bleached hair as well?! Definitely a low key Halloween staple. I live in my pyjamas, and these from Boohoo are just adorable. Long sleeved tops and a pair of shorts is actually my favourite combination when it comes to pyjamas, and I definitely reckon you could wear this top out and nobody would be any the wiser... Sparkly Halloween socks are definitely the finishing touch to any outfit in October, am I right? These Topshop ones are just adorable, and definitely a cheap way to spook up your wardrobe.

This dress from Miss Selfridge isn't particularly Halloween-y (as in, you could wear it at any time) but black lace is sassy and witchy and a bit sexy. Low key, but definitely something you could wear for a fancy dress party if you were also trying to pull. Last up is this Misguided t-shirt, which Sam has actually bought for me because she's adorable - again, probably a year round thing but also a bit scary, and I'm planning on wearing it with shorts and tights because grunge.

What are your low key Halloween fashion picks this year?

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Autumn Nail Picks

I suck at painting my nails but I love it when they're painted, and I like changing my colours up with the seasons (sometimes - other times I go for pastel pink at Christmas because fuck the system). So here's my pick of the A/W nail colours in my collection...

AVON nailwear pro+ in Cosmic Blue // I love this because it's almost a duo-chrome effect, and the deep blue shade screams autumn to me - sure it's not maroon or khaki, but something about the depth of it definitely fits this season in my head. This isn't the best formula and you need a couple of coats, but bear with it and it's lovely.

Rimmel Lycra Pro in 341 Chic and Chearful // I straight up hate the name of this - chearful?! What?! But other than that, it's a gorgeous nail varnish. The formula is really nice and the brush is wide which I find useful; the colour is sensible and muted but still Autumnal and it lasts a good while. Would definitely recommend.

Essie Fear & Desire // Y'all know I'm the biggest Essie fan there is, and even though this might be a bit bright and summery for A/W I just think orange is SO autumn. Plus - Halloween am I right?! I won't go on about the formula, other than telling you I think it's the best there is.

Essie Vested Interest // This really is such a beautiful and unique colour - a sludgey grey/blue/green which should be gross but really isn't. I always get compliments on this and it's one of my favourite shades ever!

Smith & Cult Shattered Souls // Beautiful packaging, beautiful colour - I think gold is a perfect colour for the Autumn months, and this looks amazing over so many other shades. It's expensive, there's no doubt, but it's a really special one.

OPI ???? // Sorry about the question marks but this one doesn't have a name and I can't find it anywhere - but it's a beautiful purple with gold shimmer through it, which I think is perfect for this time of year. It's quite sheer so again you do need a few coats but this is one I really like.

What are your Autumn nail picks?