Sunday, 26 February 2017

Life update; Feb 2017

I cannot believe it's nearly the end of February?! I very rarely do posts like this, but I felt like doing a bit of a brain dump to sum up this month and what's going on in my life.

I'm applying for jobs left, right and centre - mostly to fund our travel addiction, if I'm being honest. We've booked flights to Porto for June and Boston for January, as well as having a holiday to Poznan booked for jut over 2 weeks time. I am SO excited and so blessed to be able to travel, and so pleased that I get to do it with Sam as well as with our best friends. So I'll take pretty much any job right now, bar work or a coffee shop or an off license, because I want to save up a few thousand to splurge on American make up next year. Too far? Probably.

Leg hair? Don't Care! art from HelzIllustrates on Etsy

My masters is going okay; it's not going great, but I'm doing my research and I'm plodding on. I have a book review to be getting on with, and I've taken to watching films with LGBTQIA+ characters in (they're few and far between) and counting it as research. Which I guess it is. Sort of. Side note, yesterday I watched Naomi & Ely's No Kiss List which is cheesy and peppy and a bit weird, but also lovely and raw and true.

I've got two gigs on the horizon - The King Blues with Sam and then New Found Glory with Sam and my brother later on in the year, both of which I am beyond excited for. Two of my favourite ever bands in one year? Yes please. Speaking of favourite bands, The Libertines are doing a show in my home town (borough, actually, but yk) and I'm hoping to get tickets!

I'm trying to get healthy - less biscuits, more exercise, but I'm not on a diet per se. I just want to feel a bit better about myself. I'm also now like a month smoke-free which is just crazy to me, but I'm buzzing about it in all honesty!

So that's life right now - I'm happy, I'm doing well, and I'm excited for what the year ahead has to offer me.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Degustabox // Feb 2017

If there's one thing my mum loves about my blog, it's the big parcel of food* that arrives from Degustabox each month - and I'm a big fan too, to be fair.

In terms of proper kitchen food, if that makes sense, there's some Kabuto rice noodles (basically a healthier pot noodle type of thing, so 10/10 for students/office people) and some Heinz beans. Both of these will definitely get eaten in our house!

Moving onto snacks, of which there's an abundance this month: chocolate coated banana chips from Maui&Sons, and chocolate covered coffee beans from Americanos, both of which Sam loved but they definitely weren't for me - I don't like banana, coffee or dark chocolate. Sigh. I enjoyed the Diablo cream-filled chocolate wafer, which was basically like a chocolate bar but with no added sugar. Filled with sugar, no doubt, were the two bags of Bebeto sweets. If you've had Bebeto sweets before then you'll know, they're just not like English sweets - but they're not terrible, so it's all good!

Drinks - there were plenty this month, including a WHOLE BOTTLE of Echo Falls white wine, some Double Dutch mixer, berry beets juice from Coldpress and some coconut milk - as well as the cherry on top, some Just Bee water which is THE BEST.

So there's the low down of this month's Degustabox - if you want a whole 7 quid off your first box, use the code E8EVT. 

Friday, 24 February 2017

There's a starman waiting in the sky // OOTD

My love for David Bowie is huge, and when I saw this t-shirt in the Rad.Co sale I knew I had to get my hands on it - but I was skint and so I was sad but then my lovely friend Bekah bought it for me, being the angel that she is. And so now it's mine, and I couldn't wait to style it up. Now, this was the day of the setback so I didn't manage to get proper outfit pictures, but these photos are cute anyway.

Something I never wear, or very rarely, is a checked shirt open over a t-shirt. I quite often wear them buttoned up, or occasionally I wear one open over a skimpy crop top, but never open over a t-shirt because I'm not Juno, and I don't think it suits me. But the thing about David Bowie was that he wore what he wanted; he wasn't concerned whether things suited him, or whether they were 'in' or looked cool or were 'normal'. He was the coolest man ever and his androgynous style was iconic. Love you forever DB.

The t-shirt itself is soft and fits nicely, and the quality feels amazing. Rad aren't the cheapest, but they're worth the extra pennies in my opinion. My shirt is from Lily Vintage in Chester, and my little velvet choker is from Primark. You can barely see my jeans (Missguided) but they're a light-ish blue with rips in the knees and frayed edges.

The biggest thank you again to Bekah, you are an angel and I love you.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Creative Writing, Feb 2017

It's been a hell of a long time since I posted any poetry but I was listening to the Dixie Chicks a few nights ago and the line 'She's got you wrapped up in her satin and lace' really prompted me to write a poem. It's a rough first draft and it's probably not very good and anyway, I'm out of practice but it felt nice to write again.

“She’s got you wrapped up in her satin and lace…”

The earth is rounded like the shape of you and
waves of satin drape across every curve, black
in the shadows but sapphire in the sunlight,
silver when the moon comes out. A million
shells lie cracked on pebble beaches, forgotten
sand washed out to sea, replaced with broken
green bottles and plastic six-pack rings and

driftwood. Rotten pieces of people’s homes
and soft-in-the-middle planks, splinters with
every footstep that comes to pass. A white sky
washed with mama’s red lace, carnation pink at
dawn flecked with golden promises, merlot
at midnight. Twelve rose petals caress tear-stained

cheeks and fall, like April’s last shower.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd

If you're my pal or if you've read my blog for a long long time, you may know that my favourite ever author is Sue Monk Kidd. I originally fell in love with The Secret Life of Bees (aged 11) and went on to adore The Invention of Wings just as much when I was doing my undergraduate. So when I finally got my hands on The Mermaid Chair, I had high hopes.

Now, let me put it this way: I liked this book a lot less than the other two, yet it was still one of the best books I've ever read. Sue Monk Kidd's writing is truly magical - the book is set on an island which I *think* is real, but it's one I'd never heard of. And yet, I felt as though I myself had grown up there and smelt the sea breeze and felt shells and mud and sand under my feet.

The story follows Jessie, who left the island she grew up on and hardly ever returns, until one day she has to because her mother is sick; she is then confronted with all sorts of things that throw her life off track - a handsome monk, some family secrets that she just can't work out, and her own incredible art work. The contrast between the life with her husband and daughter, and her life on the island with her mother, her family friends, and the Benedictine monks, is written wonderfully. The characters all have so much depth: Jessie the artist; her mother, tortured by the death of Jessie's father; Benne, a woman near Jessie's own age with the mind of a child.

Island life is described in a way that, like I said, makes me think I've lived it - and the details of the monastery were fascinating. The Mermaid Chair is a journey of self-discovery spilling out of the books pages - illness and culture and memories, laughter and art and boat rides, religion and health and friendship. And family, and love - so many kinds of love.

And I did love The Mermaid Chair, a lot less than the other two books but I still loved it, and it still inspired me, and it still made me feel. I owe my love of bees and writing and poetry to Sue Monk Kidd and her books never let me down.