Tuesday, 24 January 2017

HECK food // review

If there's one thing I love as much as skincare, my fiancé and ice cold pepsi - it's good food. So when Heck offered to send me some of their food, in a massive package filled with ice no less, I was buzzing. Their food is available in Waitrose and let me tell you it is delicious.

The first thing we tried from the range was their Chicken Italia Burgers - hoooooo boy these are amazing. Proper juicy chicken burgers with tomato, basil and mozzarella in them. We had these on batches with butter and a side salad, and honestly they were so amazing that I forgot to take a decent photo. They're gluten free and low-fat, so you just can't go wrong. Honestly I don't even know where my nearest Waitrose is but finding out and going all the way there would be worth it for these, and you can get them in meatball form too.

Next up - the Fair & Square 97% Sausages, which are a bit like the sausages you get on a mcdonald's breakfast but a million times better. They're easy to cook (I fried them in fry-lite with some mixed herbs) and taste amazing on toast or on a batch with bbq sauce. I'm literally drooling writing this post I swear.

The last thing I tried from HECK were their Thai Bites Veggie Balls which were just the right level of spice, and the consistency of falafel. I ate mine with pasta because I love carbs, and honestly they were a dream. I just whacked them in the oven and took them out about 12 minutes later - and voila. Healthy, tasty, vegan AND gluten-free. 10/10 would recommend.

So thanks to HECK for stocking my fridge full of tasty food that isn't even that bad for you, and for giving me an absolute graving for those damn chicken burgers. Even my mum loved them.

P.s, shout out to Jayne who came on here looking for this post but got a little bit more than she bargained for with a sex-toy post... sorry!

Monday, 23 January 2017

#WomensMarch - my favourite photos

Sadly, I couldn't be a part of the women's march that took place this weekend; I wish I could have been, and I wanted to be, but I wasn't. You can bet, though, that I was cheering from the sidelines, refreshing Twitter, whenever I took a beak my from research proposal, to see more and more amazing women, men and everybody in between doing amazing things all over the world. I wanted to commemorate it, so here's a few of my favourite photos from the day - all taken from Twitter.

A golden-shower umbrella. Fucking brilliant. source

This is what we should be teaching our kids, from day one. source

This, which I've seen a few times, is just everything. Carrie Fisher would have saluted each and every one of you. My heart bursts. source

Just yaaaaasssss. source

This honestly made me laugh so much. Bloody excellent use of poetry. source

Please share with me on Twitter (@katygilroyblog) any of YOUR favourite photos from the many marches that took place! 

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Youth Cam & facial at Murad, Liverpool

You may know, I suffer horrendously with my skin - and my hormones are all over the place lately, so it's as bad as ever right now. There are good days, of course, but my eyes are covered in eczema and I've got a few breakouts going out. When the lovely ladies at the Murad counter in Liverpool invited Sam and I over for facials, I wasn't going to turn it down was I?

They also have a Youth Cam, which is a little camera that takes a photo of your skin, and not just the first layer. It can show sun damage, blocked pores that aren't visible to you yet, inflammation that isn't surface level - it's honestly one of the most fascinating things I've ever seen. It also shows you how your skin will change over the course of a few years if you don't treat the problem areas (I'll have an awful lot of wrinkles under my eyes, apparently) and how it'll change if you do. I came away with a load of skincare tips (more broccoli, less sugar) and then it was time for my facial.

Honestly, I love a good facial and this was one of the best I've had - Carly was a true professional, and she worked each and every product into my skin beautifully as well as explaining what they all were and what they did. She cleansed my skin with the Soothing Gel Cleanser then, in true blogger style, I was multi-masking; a hydrating one over the majority of my skin and the Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo on my nose, which isn't as sensitive as the rest of my skin. Carly then popped the Renewing Eye Cream on for me, followed by a Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture cream. She finished off with, in my opinion, their best product: the Invisiblur Perfecting Shield, which is a dream especially for make up wearers. I actually used it in this video, shameless plug alert.

Murad products are cosmeceutical, so they're skincare made by actual doctor people who really know what they're talking about - and it's clear that this knowledge extends to the counters, too! The products I've tried so far are brilliant (keep your eyes peeled for a Murad-exclusive 'sample stash' post) and they have products for all different skin types!

If you get the chance to go to a Murad counter and have either a Youth Cam or a facial done, I would 100% recommend it.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Make Up Haulin'

It feels like ages since I've done a make up haul; I usually do a haul showcasing what beauty bits I got for Christmas but I didn't get round to it this year, so here's a few bits that I did get for Christmas/have picked up or been sent since!

NYX soft matte lip creams // My fiancé Sam who is an absolutely angel (and who most of you know if you've ever read a blog post of mine before) got me 3 of the soft matte lip creams, and she picked shade names of places I've been to on my travels - how cute is that?! So I've got Cairo which is super pale and makes me look a bit dead if I wear it on its own, but I love it anyway, along with Amsterdam, a dark-ish tomato red, and Prague which is a dark berry pink. I love the formula, smell and longevity of these so much and they look fab!

Elizabeth Arden concealer & eyeshadows* // I'm fortunate to work with some amazing brands on this little blog of mine, but I still get al excited when big brands such as Elizabeth Arden want to work with me! They sent over a whole range of products, which I'll be reviewing due course but I wanted to show you the concealer (shade 3 but just about light enough for me to get away with) and two of their little single eyeshadows. The concealer is thick, almost moussey, but it blends in so easily and I can't wait to actually start using it. The eyeshadows - well, just look at that packaging. I've got Mystic Violet which is a dark purple/blue shade, and Graphite which is a shimmer silver-grey colour. I prefer Graphite, if I had to choose, as the consistency is just that bit smoother, but both are beautiful additions to my collection.

Bourjois Paris Volume 1 Seconde Mascara // Another pick from Sam, which I think she got because she knew I'd love the packaging so much - I'm a sucker for mascaras, though, because my lashes are so short and stumpy. The brush on this is huge, and I've not tried it yet but I'm so excited to get using it.

Fake Kittens Mascara* // These were in the goody bags from the Winter #CarnLIVal event Sam and I hosted (we've got another one coming up in April, which is SO exciting) - again I'm yet to use this because I've got a mascara on the go already, but it's always handy to have a stash of them and this one looks fab, plus it's cruelty free.

Pixi Bottom Lash Mascara* // One of my favourite skincare and make up brands is Pixi; their products are full of good ingredients plus they're beautiful, and I've never owned a specifically-for-your-bottom-lashes type of mascara so I'll be sure to let you know how I get on!

What make up products have you picked up lately?

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Wet N Wild eyeshadow palettes review & swatches

Now, us poor little souls in the UK can't get hold of Wet N Wild very easily - but then again we don't have Trump, so it's swings and roundabouts really. But anywhere you can get your hands on Wet N Wild, you can bet your ass I'll be there. So when Sam gave me not one but TWO of their eyeshadow palettes for Christmas, I was obviously thrilled.

Both palettes are pretty similar; they're the same lay out with eight shades in them - three being glitters, three being shimmers and the final two being mattes - and both are quite neutral which is brilliant for people like me who, let's face it, aren't that great at eyeshadow.

'The Great Glistener' is, generally, more cool toned. The glitters in this one are silver, white and yellow-gold, and the shimmers are a grey-blue (which swatches more blue than grey), a purple and a brown, with the two mattes being black and a dark reddy-brown.

'No Neutral Ground' is slightly warmer; the glitters are pink, cream and gold and they're just stunning. The shimmers consist of a different purple to the other palette alongside an olive-gold and a khaki-ish green. To be fair, you can see in the photos what they look like and I'm awful at describing colours but I'm giving it my best shot. The matte shades in this one are brown and a lovely bottle green.

So what are they like? The best shades are the shimmers; the glitter ones are slightly chunky and the matte ones a bit patchy, but all in all the come down to being brilliant little palettes. The packaging is nothing special, and it comes with one of those naff little sponge/brush duos, but what can you expect? Honestly, these are brilliant and something I'd highly recommend - if you know where to find them, that is!