Monday, 5 January 2015

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub // Review

You may have seen one of my Daily December posts in which I made my own lip scrub, but I was lucky enough to receive one of the Lush ones for Christmas from my brother's girlfriend. It's not the sort of thing I would buy for myself as I happen to think it's slightly overpriced, but now that I own one I'm starting to think it might be worth it!

It smells and tastes absolutely delicious - if you don't like overpowering sweet smells then it's probably best to stay away because this is sooooo strongly scented, which for me is a joy because I personally think it smells heavenly. It does such a good job of buffing the dead skin away from my lips (gross) and, even better, it's edible! Plus it's pink.

This is one of those products which will likely become a staple Winter product for me, and I think next year I might treat myself to the popcorn scented one! Ps, sorry about the chipped nails - I didn't realise until I was writing this post. Ugh.


  1. Lush Lip Scrubs are lovely - the bubblegum one is my favourite x

  2. I love this I have it too, the smell is soooo goood haha! Abi :)

    1. yeah it smells soooo nice, like amazing!

  3. I have been in love with this one since it has came out! (Let's pretend I don't have too pots!) They taste so good as well! :) xx

  4. I love this scrub, I want to try the popcorn one too! xx

  5. i have heard so many good things about this lip scrub and wanted to try it for a while now , must pop in and try it out

  6. I've never heard of anything like this before (my beauty knowledge is shocking!) but just bought The Kiss Lush scrub today on a whim - hoping it works wonders! So random to see this post just after! May have to try Bubblegum next!

  7. This is one of my favourite things all year round! Couldn't be without it :)
    Plus the fact it's pink and edible just makes it ten million times better haha!
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  8. I neeeeeed this scrub! I've had it before and I adored it, the popcorn one is so lush too xx

  9. I feel the same way as you did. I think they're quite overpriced for what they are. But, I think I'm probably gonna cave soon and just buy one. I have read so many positive reviews, and, now, I can add yours to that list too, of course. :)

    Christina x
    Christina Campbell Hughes